Sunday, June 25, 2017

Back on the Road.......

So this morning I woke up at 4:45am. I was awake so rather than go back to sleep for an hour and 15minutes, I got up. I decided to join the 5am club earlier this year after listening to Robin Sharma tell me of all the benefits. And I have to say I agree. One of the biggest changes has been to my sleep. I can now say...95% of the time I sleep through the night in a solid block. Years, I tell ya, years! since I have slept like this. So 5am it is, or just before. It's such a productive time, I did some study and then Big Gazza got up at 6am and we started our day.

The aim originally was to have the gang ride together. It was such a shame not to have everyone together. Roberto pulled the pin in the morning after a big night on the wine....someone has to intervene here, I think. And MrsS and The Mountain Goat stayed close to home and went out a little later in the day.

So it was just me, Big Gazza, The Onion Man and The Plasma. The boys seemed to be doing it easy, while I huffed and puffed along behind them. I felt like I was riding hard the whole way, not shattered, but working hard. A couple of small hills saw me dropped out the back :( But it was over before too long and we finished with 52kms. Yep, a whole 52kms!

Its interesting to watch the body work sometimes, the body does its thing and yep, it might be groaning and creaking from lack of use, fair enough. But the mind is such a sabotaging bitch sometimes. Wow, such a great positive reinforcement of ones hoo let's stop, this hurts, I don't want to do it anymore, why does it have to be so cold, aren't you to old for this? Shouldn't you be in bed. That kind of sabotage. You would think that at least your own brain would work and be on your side. I mean geez, you need a bestie at times and you can't even rely on yourself!

Having listened to Tony Robbins now I understand that the brain is wired for negativity as a defence system in case there is a lion in the bushes, so be on guard, everything just might eat you. Knowing this now, makes me understand and able to deal with it a bit better. Still doesn't come easy when you are hurting and the boys are pulling away up the hill. But awareness is the beginning of change hey.

So now I have to decide what to do next weekend. Head North with Coach. He wants me to go and I think I should, its just that I am embarrassingly under prepared and its going to hurt. I haven't ridden North for such a long time and yes it will be cold. Geez, there's that Bitch again!!!

I'll keep you posted.  

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