Sunday, July 2, 2017

She Reins Supreme........

I saw QueenB this morning. Arghhhhh she looks amazing. Good on her. Easily a size 10 and probably weighing about 62kgs. She looks fit, taught and terrific. Meanwhile, I sit here eating dinner and my belly is pushing my boobs up under my chin. Oh my! She was spruiking about signing up for I.M Cairns. Oh way to rub it in!

I saw the incredible and stunning Ms Onions this morning. She dropped by with some Kombucha for Big Gazza. She looks amazing having lost around 30kgs now. All of which has landed on my lower back and a$$.

Big Gazza has lost 3kgs after a painful stint in hospital with Diverticulitis. Luckily, I found it, picked it up and attached it to my arms.

Seriously though, what the hell. No running is an obvious weight gainer for me. But it seems almost out of my control now. While everyone around me seems to be dropping weight, I am finding it and putting in it my purse. Something needs to change significantly.

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