Friday, March 3, 2017

Eeyore vs Tigger

I firmly believe there are two types of people in this world.

Eeyore and Tigger

Eeeyores or Tiggers.
Each has a different view on the world.
one has an outlook that is sunny, positive, up beat, loves life and bounces into their day. Just like Tigger.
And then there are those that sit back, and are slow to see the positive, worry about what might happen, approach life with a steady hand, some trepidation, or like to keep their feet planted on the ground. ol' mate, Eeyore.

Both are loveable characters otherwise A.A. Milne would never have brought them to life in his books and we would never have fallen in love with them.
I like to see myself as a Tigger. I'm bouncing into my day with gusto and enthusiasm. Life is fun! Life is a party, you just need to find the lemonade in every part of your day. I tell my team that we are in the business of squeezing lemons to make lemonade while the sun shines. Sure, sometimes the lemon gets added to a gin and tonic and sometimes we just need to suck on a lemon. But for the most part, I love lemonade.
 I hope that makes sense. It does to me anyway.
So, being a Tigger, I find it somewhat tedious and tiresome when I run into an Eeyore. They are hard work. Grumbling through life in a slow methodical way. Not really looking up and over the next tussock of grass in the field to see the wonderful sunset. I have to apply a lot of energy and effort to the relationship and often will grow tired of bouncing to share my energy and get any kind of response out of them. I wonder sometimes if they are even alive. What matters to them? Are they just existing? I find it hard to believe that people can mosey through life, while I am riding the roller-coaster waving both hands in the air....weeeeeee.
So anyway, this little Tigger is feeling a little Eeyore creeping inside. A bit woe-is-me about the knees. These tears are not getting any better. I got to the point of everyday life with out pain. And then could swim and bike without any pain during or after and found my kick again in the pool last Monday night at squad training. Then Coach said try a run. Well 43secs into the run and a sharp pain hit the knee. ok, stop. Pull up and walk all 50 metres home, aching ever since. I know I will get back to where I was and will be able to swim and bike again soon. But its now been 3 months. I'm losing my bounce and just going at it with a slow methodical, oh well, maybe this is never going to get better attitude. I don't like this Eeyore attitude in me.
I seriously hope that a year from now when I read this blog I will be able to laugh at myself and say "come on ol' girl, get up and bounce."
On the inside there is a Tigger just coiled, ready to spring back into life. I'm getting tired of the woe-is-me attitude so trying to keep a sunny attitude. But its hard after finally getting back to running 10kms and doing hill repeats and finally enjoying my running again, to be whacked again by an injury. A stupid injury too. Its Wollongong Tri this weekend and the gang are all racing AND to read that 'The Buzzard' is putting out on F.B that she is considering Busselton, is just rubbing salt in Tigger's eyes. T-I, double guh, err.

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