Sunday, February 26, 2017

Yo, Over here....I'm over here......

NO, I haven't shut up shop. I'm still here.

December 6 2016, saw me tear the meniscus in two place on my left knee. From then until now it has been a slow recovery, MRIs and a resting bitch face that wont leave!

So where we are we at?

More determined than ever! Can I run another marathon? That's the million dollar question I guess.

I asked myself a question. What was working or what worked once upon a time, that I can bring back now and use. Sure, a lot of things have failed, or I grew bored. But there were a lot of things that did work. I only really realised they worked when they stopped being present. So, I have been dialling in a few things that worked previously over the last months while I have been rehabbing the knee.

  • I have pulled out the old training diary again and started to keep track of my progress, mood, energy, soreness, stress etc.
  • I have returned to Genesis gym. Close to home, 24/7. Its changed a lot but for the better, the gym seems more flexible. You can move weights about without fear of getting frowned at.
  • I have gone back to the Dietitian and have been staying off the scales and on the Dexa scans.
  • I have signed in to a Challenge to keep me focused and driven. I know now that I need to do 6 months hard work to get back to my race weight and reset the set-point for my weight. Slowly heading down again.
  • I am tracking my macros so I can keep my protein up.
  • Gone back to Vicki's stretch class, an hour and a half of sustained stretching. Of course the knees and wrists are cranky as.

new stuff to though:

  • Up at 5am every morning regardless
  • Listening to motivational podcasts
  • Also decided to throw in full-time study on top of everything else. Just to keep it interesting.
I'll keep you posted.

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