Sunday, December 4, 2016

Setting Myself Some Rules.......

"Perfection isn't attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." Vince Lombardi

"Consistency on its own will take you far"..............

In no particular order.........

  1. Monitor fat loss by using a tape measure or body composition and photos, not just the scales only.
    • Well, I tend to hop on the scales once a week. Monday morning sees me naked in the hallway perched on top of the scales, one eye closed the other squinting and then a yelp of horror when after a solid week of focus there is no change....or worse, an increase.
    • I'm not totally na├»ve, I know that there is water weight, muscle weight, bone density that can increase weight. A body composition scan would be best. I was doing the Dexa scans once a month. But stopped a little while before my Europe trip. Maybe its time to head back for a truer snapshot of where I am at.
  2. Measure hips, legs, arms, bust, and waist.
    • I measure these areas approx. every 6 weeks. The stats have expanded. 4 cm added to the butt. oh dear.
  3. Cut out the refined carbs
    • Refined carbs and sugars have been cut significantly from my diet. I know where the sugar can be hidden, fruit juice, fruit, yoghurt and so I can tell roughly how much sugar I am getting. Usually between 6-8 teaspoons a day. Well within healthy ranges.
  4. Do strength/weight training
    • LACKING! I'm having a lot of trouble getting back into a gym routine. I miss having a training buddy to meet and work out with.
  5. HITT - High Intensity Interval Training
    • I haven't done any HIIT training in running for a long time. Walk/run is the standard fair. But sprints and walking I hardly do. Consider doing HIIT.
  6. Drink water - 1oz or water per pound of body weight = 4.5ltrs !!!
    • That's a lot of water. I need to double check these numbers. But adding lemon to my water has helped me increase the amount of water I am drinking.
  7. L-Luicene 1/2 teaspoon added to water daily.
    • Only on days I have worked out as it is so expensive. But I get it in my water bottle along with the lemon.
  8. Become an expert on diet and fitness
    • Working on it. I can pretty much hold my own in a conversation about the body and how it works. I would love to become a dietician. It fascinates me and I like the challenge. But what I don't like is knowing the information and still not acting on it or finding the consistency. its an excuse!
  9. 5-6 meals per day, 3 main + 2 snacks
    • Yep, got that one. 3 main meals and 2 snacks, plus a banana on swim days and if it is a heavy work load and the calories allow - then a protein custard and berries at night.
  10. Separate carb meals by 5-6hrs. Eat carbs at Breakfast and Dinner 2 meals a day only have carbs.
    • Hmm, this one is tricky and new to me. I find it easier to go without carbs at dinner time. but not having carbs at lunch time leaves me looking for the sweet biscuits and chocolate.
  11. No simple/refined carbs 30mins before exercise and 2hrs after????not sure about that one.
    • I can do the no refined carbs prior to morning exercise. But sometimes of an afternoon, especially before swimming I need a banana or something in my stomach otherwise I end up losing energy. Maybe a bigger lunch would be better.
  12. Snack on proteins.
    • All well and good, but I can't think of many protein snacks. Any suggestions out there?? Besides hard boiled eggs that is.
  13. Black coffee is ok
    • Oh Hallelujah! I can keep coffee. I have been drinking soy coffee of straight black, both with no sugar for some time now.
  14. 25% carb ratio for fat loss
    • My Fitness Pal saves the day. But 25% carbs gets there pretty quickly.
  15. use quality food (e.g lean meat vs bacon)
    • I think Gazza and I choose pretty clean, quality foods as much as possible. But could do better.
  16. Less processed food is best
    • We don't use processed foods. I haven't eaten a baked bean in ages. There is the occasional processed food of course, but on the whole I would say we are 98% good to go.
  17. It takes 72hrs to get carbs out of the system to start burning fat. Less if you exercise its less.
    • So when I finally want to hit some significant numbers, I need to get this part sorted. To do this try 1-2 weeks with 25% carbs.
  18. Take protein at night to stop sugar cravings/dessert
    • Sorted! We have found a protein custard that we have at night Isolate Protein, slow release.
  19. Look for low GI carbs as a preference
    • A little homework required here. But the more raw and least broken down is the go.
  20. No bananas apples grapes during fat loss phase
    • Cutting out bananas will be tricky. Swimming and on the bike, Bananas are a staple. Will give it some thought.
  21. Nuts only during maintenance.
    • So I ate all of the macadamias left in the pantry in preparation for the big cut. Going to miss my almonds. 
  22. Fat loss optimum Carbs 25% Protein 50% Fat 25%
    • Upping the protein has been the hardest part of the whole program so far. Shakes are the only way to make the numbers. But my previous protein mix was a 50/50 carb/protein mix so I have moved to protein only. I had a moment here and thought maybe that's where some sneaky carbs have been getting in.

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