Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Musings.........

Ah, yes....the best laid plans of mice and Sammi's hey. Day 1 of the extreme 'whip Sammi into race form' went well. Ticked the box by starting on a huge strength set, followed by a cardio set. Next up, Swim with the AP squad. I was surprised after a week of almost dying from the flu that I had energy and the 1:10hr or so went by very quickly. 2900m under the belt. Got home, and set up the little red bike on the spin trainer.

All ready to smash out day 2. Got up dragged on the gear, jumped on the bike and started the warm up. hmmmm and then the wheels fell off the bike (well almost). A hard clicking, jumping noise was coming from the rear derailleur. WTF! Oh yeah, now I remember. On Saturday arvo I returned my bike to the spin trainer and instead of setting it up, I balanced it on the trainer and as I turned, baby fell against the trainer and it all tipped and landed with a sickening crunch on the floor. I sat it up and thought "I'll deal with you later" well later was now and my heart sank. I had just got Little Red back from the bike shop in Nowra and had turned inside out and pulled favours with Dood to get the bike picked up and it was running like a dream. Now....not so much. I went back to bed with a coffee, defeated.

Home this afternoon, I applied my basic bike mechanic knowledge to the situation and well, lets just say I wont be giving up my day job for a career with Quickstep any time soon. Bugger! I rang Spearmans and have booked it in for another service. this is getting expensive!

So what am I grateful for today......

I'm grateful that I didn't let the crash and burn get to me too much and I headed to the gym for a strength session, basically to work off some stress from work today, but to also try and stay on track with training.

Grateful that I have people I can rely on in my life. Dood, to the rescue as always.

Sailing with Dood, some of my most favourite and treasured memories
I'm grateful for Spring. I have survived another winter. That's 49 so far. I'm on a roll. You think it would be getting easier by now and kind of predictable. But mmm, not so much. I love Spring. It will soon be time to wake up from my sleep, my hibernation, my cold winters dream. I can't wait.

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