Monday, September 7, 2015

Wake up! Rise and Shine Sammi......

So, this week is decision time. Whether to go on to do Western Sydney 70.3 or pull the pin on the idea and refocus on something else.

Over the shoulder, looking back I can see. A winter of hit and miss training. Not the best prep for the race. No running since mid June has me way way back on my run training, AGAIN. Back now though to 10 x 3min run, 30 sec walk. So I'll be back to 10kms fairly quickly. The smart lab rat has to ask whether that is enough and pushing on to get the 21 might just be asking too much right now. Swim, I'm good to go and would hit up the 2kms at the race comfortably I'd reckon. Bike? Well not so much but I could be there. Averaging about 70kms each long ride at the moment with some speed, I think I could give the 90kms come race day a go, but it wouldn't be my fastest race to date.

Other factors, work just ramped up to an all time high. I just got given another promotion, and what that means is more travel. I'm going to need to be creative around my program and work even harder to get the training in. With additional 'visibility' being requested out at Western between now and Christmas it means a challenging road ahead to November 29.

An additional factor that I hadn't anticipated was the Sammi clock ticking on at a rapid rate. The dreaded night sweats have started and all things '50 old lady' have arrived. Always the insomniac, but now it's a regular night of tossing and turning, covers on, covers off affair and many slow starts to the day. I need to address this pretty quickly and get on with my life.

And exciting, but another possible impact may be the house extension. We had a draftsman come round this weekend and together we worked on some ideas. He will be back next weekend with some drawings for us to pour over. Life may get busy for a while. I'm excited by the prospect of creating something for Gazza and I to share for the next 20 years of our life together.

It's a lot to pack in. But most importantly is the running. To push on right now may have some interesting outcomes. But an outcome I am all too familiar with. Push and give 100% to the training and not make it to race day because I am undercooked or the legs let me down. Then the frustration, anger, hopelessness, that comes with standing on the sidelines holding the bags while the boys all run pass me. Baby hates being benched.

So, I could pull the pin now, get half my race entry back, and aim for a few Olympic races through the season, or not race at all this year. Husky long course? The accommodation is booked, I just need an athlete to turn up on the day.

I have treatment with Coach this afternoon, so I will get back to you shortly.

Grateful moment:

Once again I am grateful for my family. My brother is in Saudi Arabia and he and his wife are due to have their first baby in November. It's a special time for all of us and he is so far away from home. Kristin sent out the word that he was badly homesick and could we do something special for Fathers Day for him. The gifts from around the world came flooding in and Wishy was so surprised. I am sure there would have been tears. I would not want to live in any other family. I love the one I am in and am grateful for every single cherished person in it.

I adore this man, my brother. He is the voice of sense and reason, he is the humour that I wish I had. He is the seer of all things beautiful and he appreciates every single moment he has on this earth. He loves genuinely and deeply. He is never ashamed of his actions or intentions. He wears his love like a badge, swings it like a sword and shields us all under it with the strength and conviction of a knight.

I am grateful for sunshine, both real and man made. As I've said, its an effort to get to sleep, but when I do get to sleep I get in deeper than an Alabama tick. And waking up is so hard. I love my bed and I love my sleep and I know the health benefits that sleep brings. It's a time for healing, rejuvenation and growth (also a time for Sammi to fix the world's problems, but that's another post). But, when asleep, it then is very hard for me to wake up. So, I am grateful for my new purchase. A sunrise lamp.
30mins before my alarm time, this little beauty gets to work and starts waking me up. A soft glow at 30mins out, and in 10minute increments, gets brighter and brighter. Yep, it works a treat. I wake up gently and almost naturally. I could just sleep with the curtains open, I hear you all say. lol. But this is the closest I can find to resetting my internal clock and waking up refreshed. BUT, just in case I sleep through, this little guy gives off a little gentle beep alarm, not like Gazza's shrill beast of all thinks rude awakenings. 

I am also very grateful for coffee. I love being in the rare 29% of the population of coffee drinkers. It certainly helps on race day too.


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