Sunday, August 30, 2015

Count Down Begins..............

Well a month down the track. What's news!

Running. A huge 1:30 run/1:00 walk. Can only go up from here team. The ITBs are good. None, to minimal burning at the knee joint. Time to get cracking. Yep, its 3 months yesterday til Western Sydney 70.3. Bring it on!

By that I mean, its time to put me at the forefront of all things Sammi again. This means (only) a small mind to put everything back in focus to get the job done come November 29. Work will become a strictly 9-5 affair. Gaz will take on the majority of household chores and I will be fuelling the athlete again. Bout time.

Now this could all fall horribly apart if the ITBs fail. I have a decision day of Sept 10 on the calendar (that's when I can still get 1/2 my race entry back) BUT we can't/won't focus on that otherwise we will have a self fulfilling prophecy on our hands. Nope, I was running 10km up until recently, we can get back there again pretty quickly and then hold till race day.

So over the next 3 months the posts should pick up as I download the latest happenings. Strap yourselves in team, grab the popcorn, pull your chair a little closer to the computer screen and hang on for the ride.

But before we hit up the Sammi Big Screen Extravaganza, we better take a quick look over the shoulder....

What a huge weekend.
The girls came home and Kez told us of the latest plans, she is off on deployment AGAIN on a 'Secret Squirrel' mission. Can't even tell her Marja for crying out loud! I asked her if she is going 'hot' she said no.  Well that's a relief. She is staying in Aus, but high security. I have serious doubts that Aus is capable of anything warmer than a bowl of Mumma Bear's porridge. Let's just say.... I don't see an Area 51 type scenario here folks. So there she goes for 3 months M.I.A. GREAT!

We enjoyed a great weekend though. We hit out early Saturday morning for a ride along the lake foreshore. Breakfast in The Village and then a leisurely ride. Much better than the 90min spin sesh I was supposed to do. We still ended with 90mins (avg 15kph) but much more enjoyable.

And later in the day, a walk to burn off the Ribs and Beer. Sparky had a hankering for Ribs and did us proud when she downed a full side of beef ribs. It was nice and relaxed as we strolled along Warilla Beach. So many wonderful memories of Kezwaldo and G'Dood playing in the breakers. I love that place.

A fun night chilling in front of the telly with the girls laying on the floor snuggled under a doona. And all is right with in the Sammi world. Up at 6am and hurtling South first thing on Sunday morning was a little bit of a shock. Someone got his wake up times wrong. We made it to Husky with a handful of minutes to spare. The gang looked keen to go pre race.

With new additions to the AP10 family Sam and Charlie (nicknames will need to come soon to save the innocent) ol' Slippery ready as ever. Big Gazza taking back stage as always and Megzy looking a million bucks; we sent them off down the road.

It was great to have some time with AP and Ava while everyone was out sweating. We made our way to the 5 Little Pigs and downed a coffee and chatted about nothing. Good times. Ava sat happily chortling in her own secret conversation and making sweet work of a vegemite sanga chased down with a banana. It was relaxed and I didn't miss racing one little bit!

We made our way to the finish line and were joined by the girls and Scoutie. I have to say, even with the additional support of a Megaphone, I am a little hoarse tonight. We saw everyone home in P.Bs and first time run excellence.

3 x Gratitude moment:

I am grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life who fill me with warmth and laughter. Their friendship, love and kindness lifts me to places that I never dreamed possible. So cherished.

I am grateful for time. Precious time. Of quiet comfortable silences. Of time spent laughing til tears roll. Of time spent with family and friends. To time past, present and future. So much to look back on when life decides it is reflection time.

I am grateful for a sharp razor. I have been using the same razor now for about 6 months or more. I have been thinking about the purchase, but haven't gotten round to it. So, today some serious deforestation occurred in the personal hygiene department. Lets just say, I didn't look like Norman Gunstan with bits of toilet paper stuck all over my legs for a change and I can finally face Spring...Bring it on!

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