Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mud Pies and Strapping.....

Last weekend saw my daughter, her partner (Jess) and The Gazman head north to where the mud run lives. It was bloody cold, and had been all week. Rain and wind had dominated the weather channel and I was sooooo bloody happy that I had opted not to play. Couple of reasons, concrete tunnels and pipes for one, but the main reason was I was worried about twisting an ankle or knee or something. I am progressing slowly with the rehab and a mud run right now would probably see Coach do the look I hate 'hmmmmm and rub the chin' at me. Not keen for that so the sensible me said no and oh was I pleased. As they wandered off to registration, I sat in the warmth of the car, as they stripped off, I stood under my brolly wearing thick gloves, scarf, beanie and jacket. And as they ran and hit the cold water, I tucked back into the warm car, rolled a bandana over my eyes and went back to sleep. Yeah, ok I missed out on a great fun bonding moment with the kid. But I think Kez and her dad had a ball and that was more fun for me to watch. I timed it roughly so I would be there at the end as they crossed over. Wow, they looked great, covered in mud and big smiles, puffing from all the hard work they had done. The last obstacle was a long rope which  was strung up horizontal and they had to hang by hands and knees and shimmy across.

The Gazman jumped up first. Now having watched a lot of folk take on the hurdle, I wasn't sure how he would go. It looked hard. Some guys fell, some stopped halfway for a breather, others slowly inch by inch got across in some pretty interesting styles. I noted that mostly the younger teens guys and girls both, seemed the best at getting across. Perhaps power to weight ratio. Not sure. Well, Gazza through himself into it. I was snapping like crazy with the camera trying to keep up with him. Being X-army, I guess he had done this type of thing before. But he flew across. I was punching the air and felt like pointing and shouting 'that's my man!' Lol. Next was Jess, a little slower but she still moved across the rope easily and stopped hallway for a big cheesy grin before finishing. Last was Kez, I was so hoping she could do the obstacle. Well, she swung her legs up and muscled her way across the rope. Again, just like her dad she flew. I was so proud of them all. And as they stood there at the end proudly showing off their medals and covered from top to toe in mud, I couldn't have been more proud of them all. They were hilarious drinking their beer, even though I think it would have been freezing cold.

The Gazman, Kez and Jess - their medals, mud and beer!

Couple of days later I had my own punching the air moment as I ran about 4kms with Gaz round the ponds. Nothing to shout about really. I had the knee strapped for Tib/fib, itb and other words the whole leg wasn't going anywhere! Pretty happy to be moving again, and probably didn't need the strapping except for the mental reassurance it gave me. Maybe I will keep it strapped for a while just for that reason. The strength exercises should be doing their thing too. The run fitness has completely gone though. But small steps in the right direction all the same. Wohhoooo.

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