Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everyone, Take One Step Forward Please.........

It's just a step to the right.......and then a step to the left. Put your hands on your hips.............

So I strapped up the leg again today and hit the pavement. I managed the 5.5kms, stopping to walk occasionally so that I can re-set the form and to keep the load down. After about 2kms the knee started a dull ache, but didn't turn into anything so I kept it to an easy jog. I have to say the run fitness has just disappeared folks. We have a long way to go, but forward, forever forward.

Tonight I decided to mix it up a little. Coach had me doing a strength set, so I headed down to the TRX studio and met Brendan and had an hour of body weight work with lots of core and strength work. I am amazed at how much the TRX exposes weaknesses (or areas to be developed) trying to keep it positive here.

At one point we had to do atomic push ups and I managed 10 and 12 reps. We later did a handstand  push up and to begin with we started with one leg in the air and one on the ground. Brendan increased the difficulty by having me move my grounded foot further out. As I could do a push up still, he had me kick my grounded foot up into the air as well where he steadied me before I knocked out 6 handstand push ups. So happy. But surprised when we came to do a lunge with one foot in the TRX stirrup and while I got 20 on each side, my left side was totally unable to hold my balance and the right was only just a fraction better. Later a hamstring curl with feet in the stirrups saw me groaning and flagging after 8. Oh my. However, it was great to get a session in. Every muscle has been worked and core and strength session done.

AND I had company. Been a bit lonely of late. Having to work out on  my own is kinda draining the motivation.

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