Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye to the girls.....

12.6.13 - SUCCESS! 59.9kgs. That's 900gms til I reach goal/race weight. Starting to notice signs of weight loss more now as we creep ever so slowly toward race weight. Number one of note....the girls have disappeared. Nuts! Always going to be a casualty of weight loss and I accept that but just an audible buh! In response to the shrinkage. Other areas worthy of note are my wrists. I can wrap my fingers round my wrist and touch my thumb and pinky together. News! And looking more ribby across the chest more than ever. I need to keep the chest strength work up so that I don't get old lady owl chest. Perhaps too late already, but swimming and running should hopefully keep some muscle tone on there. Still on the juice diet with adding extra food at night for dinner has seen the steady decrease in weight with out losing the energy so onward and upward...I mean downward. 59 even, here I come!

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