Monday, October 29, 2012

Snotty isn't even packed yet............

Got the call last night. Ocean swim.

My first thought was 'you beauty, I need to get some salt water flowing through the pipes.' Gross but true. Nothing like a dose of salt water to clear our the Eustachian tubes. Rolled up beach side and the Crew were there minus Coach and Megzy. Both sick as Mangy Dogs... It's been a huge year for Coach. Looks like they will pull out of the fun at Port Mac this weekend. Maybe a good thing to bench them both and hopefully they have some quiet, relaxing time together.

In the meantime we hit the water and there were some big rollers heading out. 3 circuits round the boats and we were done and feeling pretty relaxed and confident about the weekend ahead. Bring it on!

This week also held some reassurances as far as diet is concerned. I headed to Sydney and navigated my way through the throng and found a highly recommended dietitian, Rebecca Hay. She was tucked in a little concrete room with no windows and a splash of colour with framed jerseys signed by sporting identities and tucked way in the back was a picture of Rebecca with her Forster Ironman medal swinging from her neck.

We set about dissecting my diet hour by hour. On the while she was happy with the balance of carbs, fat and protein. Could use some extra carbs in the arvo on days that I train heavy. But otherwise all good. Race nutrition however, she felt I was a bit light on when it came to carbs in. An extra Dextro bar an hour. Wholly green Batman! That's a lot to add to my day. Getting it down (and for that matter keeping it down) might prove tricky. We agreed as it was race week that I wouldn't change anything at this late hour. But to give it some thought. We also talked about hydration and fluid intake...hmmmm always a tricky one as I think I live my life slightly de-hydrated. So I have a fluid chart to complete over the next couple of weeks. Will be interesting to see the results.

So now I'm off to pack. It's 9pm Friday night. We leave at 6am tomorrow morning and I have a snotty nose.

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