Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunrise Over Sea

I have had a great week so far. Got to keep that rolling on through to the weekend. But we are up to Wednesday night and so far so good. Energy is good. I have ticked all of the program boxes and sleeping well at night and the diet has been pretty darn good except for a small chocolate stop occasionally.

This mornings program said RUN - 50min - keep this nice and relaxed throughout short stops

I was awake before the alarm which is great and then dozed til the alarm went off. A bit hard to get up after that but I was so admit this week was going to be good that I shoved myself out of bed and dragged on my running gear. Stepping outside the day was warming up. A light dew on the ground and on windshields, and the grey on night was lifting to expose a cloudless blue sky.

I decided to head for the beach and run along the shore line. It was a beautiful day and it made the run all the more easier (along with the doof doof music booming in my ears from the ipod). I ran past the sea pool and along the beach, watching the surf break on the shore and the early morning surfers sitting in the morning salute to the sun position balanced on their boards.

Happily the body held it together again and I managed to get home without the ITB ruining my day, my mood and my bank balance. Avoiding a physio session this week has its advantages and disadvantages.


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