Saturday, March 12, 2016

Finding the Balance........Challenge Accepted

So, Wollongong Triathlon has been and gone for another year. This year I took on the Sprint distance, only because 2 weeks earlier had been Husky Long Course. My body takes so long to recover that it was in serious doubt that my body would be good to go for the Olympic Distance. And at the end of the day I am glad I went the shorter option. I'm simply not as fit or anywhere near where I want to be as an athlete.
I can place a lot of excuses here, and I know there are no excuses! BUT you know what? sometimes its not excuses but priorities. I think I am getting lost in the priorities. So let me explain. Work. It seems that I have been thrust into a position where work is taking priority. Here's an example. Its Saturday, Coach has given me the day off. First one in so long I can't remember. I slept in, but then before I started this post I had to spend an hour writing an email for work purposes. No details here of course, but lets just say it HAD to be done. I ran out of time yesterday. So before I could write this post, I had work to do on my day off. So I ask myself what are my priorities. If I were Rinni Carfrae, it would be a different one to mine. I have to put food on the table and pay bills, just like she does, but I am not an amazing athlete like her, I am an average age grouper just living the dream, oh well, not quite I guess. I am not putting in the hours to be anything better than an average also. I could still do well even great in my age group if I could find the balance AND get my priorities right.
They sure do! Consequences....Sammi doesn't train, eat well, rest and get enough sleep then there is no way I am going to reach my dreams and goals. I do have choices. And setting my choices by what makes me happy is all important. It's going to be harder to make choices as work loads on more expectations and winter is coming in Aus. (that's an excuse right there). There is NO SUCH THING AS WORK-LIFE BALANCE! it is ALL about the choices. I can not expect anything more than what I choose to put in.
So when I am out there running in a triathlon and I expect to look like this......

But what I really look like is this...........
Then I have to reflect on my choices. Working more, training less, eating crap due to stress, versus eating to fuel, working at midnight versus getting enough rest......the list goes on. I can not expect to be the athlete I want to be on the path I am currently on. I need to check my priorities and make some sound choices for myself, remembering that no one will care when I am gone how much work I did. But I will care how well I lived my life and whether I realised my dreams or not.
I am off to make better choices.

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