Thursday, March 24, 2016

Do Not Leave Alone Unsupervised.........

Have you ever thought to yourself after doing something really stupid...."Do not leave yourself alone and unsupervised."

Yep, well that was how I described it to my Coach/Physio as I walked stiff legged into his rooms for treatment yesterday. Having had a tight Piriformis from sitting on my lounge for 2 days straight til late every night doing assignments and then sitting in a classroom on a chair for 8 hours straight. I had tried to self treat by sitting on a ball which seemed to work. I also went and got a massage to work on my lower back and hammies as I also had a tight neck on the right hand side. All interrelated. The massage guy went a little hard, but it seemed ok. But combined with the ball sitting and next thing I know my hips were out of alignment and I had a dull ache radiating from the left side of my tail bone. It felt better to stand than sit and so I stood at my stand up desk all day at work trying to keep off it. Coach fitted me in for a quick treatment and while he worked on my hips we talked about life and training and goals for this year. I left, as I always do, feeling better and uplifted but strapped also.

I had a great week and some of the pressure was off loaded when I put some safety measures around myself. I respectfully declined some work commitments. An immediate relief. I also got some good training in, even with the butt being grumbly. A great run and the ITB never made an unhappy groan once. Sweet!

This weekend is a hike in and out at the Blue Mountains with an overnight camp sleeping on a self inflating mattress. Could be interesting with the butt and back. But I am looking forward to it. I'm outfitted with all the right gear now including a hiking pole for the downhill sections on the knee. So bring on nice weather hopefully and photos to come.

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