Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sydney 10k a Freezing DNS.....

So, the Big Day arrived and then went. Well, its still going really. It's 4:21pm and I am rugged up in my pjs in front of the heater that doesn't seem to be making an ounce of difference to this freezing day. The orangeness of the gas heating the gauze suggest its doing its darndest to get the job done. Poor little guy is destined to fail. I know how he feels. I know, I haven't really failed. How can you fail if you never even get started. But nevertheless it sure does feel like a fail. It's a DNS today. Damn it hurts.
I could focus on the positives here. I didn't have to warm up and jog on the spot trying to keep warm pre race. I could have 2 x ciders and a glass of wine with dinner, and over eat until I had heartburn and not have to worry about the headache or the bloating. I didn't have to worry about the wind beating me in the face with needle like icicles. I didn't have to get cold to the bone waiting for everyone to finish and then struggle to get changed under a paper thin towel. I didn't have to sit in cold, damp, sweaty, stinky running clothes in a café eating cold muesli and milk.  I could hold everyone's coats for them by putting them on so I looked like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. So, it aint so bad after all.
Coach sent out a text asking how I was travelling today? ummmm cold and shitty with a chance of tantrums.
Finding a happy thought....We had a good night. Went out for dinner and followed it up with a little something sweet. I have to say, I didn't enjoy it and didn't finish the dessert. I am so pleased that I have met this challenge and beaten it. I am no longer a sugar-holic team! And now the portions of meals is starting to take some focus. I just can't keep eating and eating without some serious discomfort as a result. There is nothing fun about having to sit up in bed and burp to try and settle the tummy.

Gaz seemed a little sluggish this morning. Didn't seem over keen to get going. He was hoping for a sub 45mins. He finished just outside of that with a 49:14. He says he is happy with the time and struggled a bit. He says he didn't train as good as he should as was a bit cocky when he claimed he could do sub 45. Everyone else finished around the hour mark, so a good day for the gang.
 It's time for a recalibration of my goals and dreams I think.

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