Sunday, June 28, 2015


3:48am oh my. Some random, possibly drunk, chick is running down our street screaming 'Reece.' But it sounded more like 'Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece!' ok, thanks I'm awake. Gazza sleeps on peacefully. X-army ready to leap to my protection, pft yeah right. Dream on Princess. Alarm goes off....4:30. I'm still awake so that's one good thing. Up and moving, coffee and stepping into the dark and heading North.
The AP Crew gather in the dark. There are a few missing. But the girls are there. Coach had sent a message from Spain saying I should ride with Group 3. I was a little miffed, but in the end resigned myself that I probably couldn't match Group 2 right now. I had gone to bed with that in my head. But when I woke and read 'give Group 2 a crack,' I cheered up. So when we rolled out I jumped into second wheel behind Juannie and stuck to her like glue. We hit the hills and I worked hard, but was surprised when I climbed comfortably and continued to spin along happily. It was so dark. I looked back through the bunch to see Gaz. He was happy spinning on the back. My ever ready Wingman. But there were only 7 of us instead of 10. Boom! Group 3 had been left behind. Now don't get me wrong, I am not being mean towards Group 3. But what it meant was I was back where I should be. Group 2. BTW Group 1 are the big guys, way out of my league, talking Pro Triathlete's here.

Anyhoooo, we hit the Hill and today I just cruised up with the girls in front and Gaz and Lil Dog behind me. Back where I belong. At the top of the hill we met up with Group 1. Not sure how far we were behind them, but wow, they were still there. We descended into the Park and holly cow my legs froze up. I wasn't wearing my booties. Nuts! What was I thinking. It was about 2-3 degrees in the valley and we were thankful of the climb up again to Garrie. Once at the turn around we met up again with Group 1. But by this stage they had done a repeat on the Garrie climb. Still, pretty happy and still riding with the girls, though finding it hard to get the legs powering, cold and tightening up.

Once again we descended back into the valley. We laughed about just how cold it was and compared numb toes with frozen fingers and wet noses. I was regretting my missing booties, what was I thinking. And the long 14km ascent was painful from every angle. My legs were tight and I found just turning them over excruciating. Finally, as we neared the top I could feel the temperature rising, but my toes couldn't. I couldn't feel anything from my thighs down.

Missing a vital piece of clothing
Finally at Bald Hill again we stopped for a loo break and I wiggled my toes and moved my legs trying desperately to get some feeling and blood pumping again. We headed home. Just at the end of the Sea Cliff bridge there is a nasty pinchy little climb of about 100metres. I was about halfway up when both ITBs sent out a warning shot. Cramps started and the legs tightened. Holly Crap I thought my legs were going to seize at any second. I willed with everything I had for the legs to keep going. I could no longer stand up on the pegs so I just sat and churned the legs over one at a time, only just staying upright and moving. I limped over the top. Gaz was at the top. He had stopped as well. His legs hadn't worked and he was suddenly struggling as well. Lil Dog pulled up behind me as her knee started giving out cranky shots also. We were all in trouble. Time to limp home.

Lil Red done for the day
We finally made it home. With the bikes in the back of the car we headed home, job done. The heater on full ball and the sun toasting me, I was asleep within minutes. Maccas Coffee!

The ITBs were still cranky and the legs were shattered. After a quick chat with Coach he changed the plans for my run today to downgrade to a safer 50 minute elliptical set, and I was off to buy some knee warmers.

I spent the rest of Saturday after the ride sleeping and laying on the lounge. My lower back was really stiff. I think this is where my ITB issues were coming from. A massage today with Linda (thank goodness for Linda, so happy I have her on my side) and the lower back feels much better.

Meanwhile, the sugar free diet continues in a positive direction. I am eating well and the energy is still up. No temptation at any time to venture to the dark side. This week we tried some sugarfree natural GU and electrolyte drink. They worked really well and I am keen to keep trying it over winter and moving further away from the non real food energy alternatives.

Cooking this week has been fun. We have absolutely fallen in love with the Celeriac and Fennel soup. It was an unexpected surprise for both of us and has become a winter favourite that we will definitely do over and over.

Another winner was the yellow chicken curry. We opted to have it with mixed rice and poppadums and it was delicious.

Today was all about baking the staples for next week. Quinoa, Savoury Muffins, Protein Balls, Protein and Chia Pods,  Inside Outside Bread and Granola. Looking forward to another great week.

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