Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Training for the Bedridden

The last week or so has seen me trying to juggle a new job and fight a flu. Last week it was a niggling cough and cold and then last Friday night was a night for soaring temperatures. I haven't had a temp for years. The weekend saw me flat on the couch and by the time Monday rolled around again I was struggling to stay awake through the day. Problem is new work, got to impress! So I smiled and worked hard and spent my nights on the couch. I tried for an easy 45min spin on the wind trainer mid week. I got it done but soon afterwards felt totally spent.

It's looking like a light weekend of training. Coach is saying don't stress there is plenty of time before the next race. It's just so hard to get consistency when there are continual stops for various reasons and illness is just another bump in the road.

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