Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dextro Energy Triathlon - Sydney

What an amazing opportunity; swim the harbour, ride the bridge, run the city all thanks to a free entry provided by Dextro Energy. For me, my race didn't exactly go to plan. Basically when the gun went off I found there was no fuel in the tank and suddenly I was in Struggle Town population ME! I tried hard to focus on the job at hand, getting the nutrition in, not going out too hard, keeping the cadence high but in the end it came down to.... find a happy thought and hang on to it. So I settled for enjoying using Sydney's iconic Opera House as a sighting reference in the swim, ooo'd and argh'd over the view off the Harbour Bridge and soaked up the atmosphere from the crowd cheering the athletes on.

Yellow arow = Me
At the end of the race I caught up with Alex and stepped into a scene from the movie Kungfu…. He asked me how my race was. I told him it wasn’t the best. Aah Grasshopper…. he said, you have had a rough month in other aspects of your life, emotionally, mentally and your stress levels have been through the roof. He then explained how all the bodies systems are inter related and that overall health and well being had a gigantic effect on how you perform as an athlete. This was a huge light bulb for me the way he explained it and made 100% sense…. Thanks Alex

So what did I learn from my weekend racing in Sydney…..(Zen moment here) that life and training needs to balance and if at some stage it doesn’t, cut yourself some slack there will be other races! And in the mean time, enjoy riding the ‘bridge’!

The end of an amazingly inspirational and scenic ride over the Harbour Bridge
The run was so hard. Atleast the form is still there at this point.

All done.

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