Monday, October 25, 2010

6 More Sleeps........

Well, it is Monday morning and my week has already begun. Normally a hard session in the home gym, but today I opted for a Yoga class. Using the P90X set in the DVD my mate and I stretched and chatted about the week ahead.

The plan is in, my Coach sends me my program on Sunday nights and from there I plan my week. This week is taper week. Because it is 6 more sleeps until my race. Race? Yep it's a Half Ironman Triathlon. This will be the 2nd last "Half" to be held by that name in Australia. No biggy really. The same races will be here next year, re-badged to come in line with the rest of the world and call them 70.3. I like that better. I hate saying I am doing a Half Ironman. It detracts from the event in some way. Devalues it, like saying, oh you are only doing half.... Well I don't know about anyone else, but a Half Ironman or 70.3 aint some day walk in the park. It is hard work.

So my race is in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. Just check out this spot. It is a beautiful place in the world.
See the boats on the left. That is where I will swim, along with 1499 other triathletes. And I will ride and run across the little bridge several times. Am I ready? Well, I hope so. My swim I have been happy with. Last Half I did the swim in 43 minutes. Not great but it was fresh water and really hot murky water too. The ride I did in 3.50 hours. Not great, but this was my first ever half and boy was it hot. Over 30 degrees easily. This time I have been working with my coach and I hope to have a better time. And my run last time was 2.31. The run this time may not be much better as I have had I.T.B problems and it is only just getting better so I don't want to re-injure myself so I am erring on the side of caution there and will walk home if I have to rather than aggravate anything. My eye is on the prize. I am going for the full Ironman and this is merely a step. It is not an end.
So committing my (wish list) times here for the record.
  • Swim 38minutes
  • Bike 3hrs 15 minutes
  • Run 2hrs 30minutes (due to injury) would have preferred 2.10.
  • Total time in the office 6.23
  • Last year (different course too though) 7.04
  • Wish list time - 6.00
Why 6hrs. Because a "friend" of mine did the same race in 2008 and dropped a challenge that she did the race in 6.02. I wish this could be mine. It would so shut her up once and for all. I don't usually get involved with competing with others, usually I compete with only 1 person (ME!) but she has been provoking me for a long time. But I have to remember this race is not about the win, it is the journey.

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