Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sammi’s 2016 Goals - Repeat and Improve Some More!

Races –       
A – Western Sydney 70.3 – Repeat and Improve on 2015
B – Husky Long Course – 19-22 February 2016
C – Elite Energy Olympic - Nowra, Wollongong, Husky 1                

(Other thoughts, Sydney 10km & Husky half marathon)

Long Term Goal

To enter an Ironman in 2017 and race it!
Short Term Goals -
Become strong, comfortable and confident in my ability at Olympic distance
Maintain consistency in all aspects of training, recovery and nutrition, and work/life balance
Run again consistently, maintaining 10kms as regular distance

Performance GoalsPush harder during races, no excuses of it's just for fun.
Get to a level where I have a race plan from Coach rather than just ‘go out and have fun.’
Improve on ‘score’ at the next power metre test session

Process Goals Swim through winter
Ride hills and get stronger and more efficient on the hills
Learn to understand and use the power metre
Keep up the strength/core work, work harder
Improve communication with Coach, not just say ‘good’ for each session/week
Nerve/mental prep, deal with the nerves pre-race

Personal Goals

Clean up the diet
Stay on a healthy, clean diet, don’t let stress at work break the focus on the diet, stay out of the chocolate box Bowden!
Stay true to the Program
Maintain focus, commitment and consistency
Get up in the mornings and just Fucking DO IT!
Finish work and just Fucking DO IT!
Keep recording on Training Peaks

Strength Work
Review program for strength training (overall)
Go to the gym regularly 3-4 times per week
Do more/harder core work at home

Mind and AttitudeStay focused by staying true to the goals
Remember to have fun
Rest and recover when needed
Enjoy racing - be serious about racing and be competitive

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