Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yep, it Finally Happened......

I remember when I was about 12 doing the math. Not a very good mathematician, I was relieved that I was born with a 5 on the end of the year. Easier would have been a 0. But 5 was also good. So the math came easy when, by my reckoning 1965 + 50 = 2015. And well, back then it was so far away and well beyond even my parents age at the time. 50 was going to be old. Not just old, but oldest ever, spider webs, dust and graveyards old. Wrinkled, smelling of lavender covered in mould old. And here I am, 50! While I may be wrinkled, I'm not covered in mould (much to my relief) but maybe those freckles I had as a kid are revisiting me with a light dusting of small brown age spots. eh, I could get them lasered, maybe some time, or not.

1965 - a very good year

So some more math calcs and 1965 + 60 = 2025!
2025, wow, now that seems so far away. 60. I wonder if I will own a hoverboard by then. Certainly didn't get one in 2015. And so we play on.

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