Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good Talk Coach......

Coach asked after the race for me to write some Micro goals down for him. I couldn't think of one!
So the next time I had treatment......Well, it got a little intense. Laying on the slab in the most vulnerable position. Coach with an elbow right in my ITB giving it the works, and me trying to describe how I have been travelling over the last couple of months in between gritted teeth and long gasps.
With the Gong Tri behind me and not keen to go to Port Stephens, I decided it was time to have 'The Chat.' I was not sure how it was going to go. My head was spinning. The usual salutations and climb on to the physio table. Usually Coach gets to work on the old legs and ITBs and I sit and chat and joke around. But today was different. I asked for a serious moment and he put his game face on. He listened carefully to what I was trying desperately to say, but not sure I was getting it out right.
I'm flopping around with no real direction. My frustration at not being able to run and therefore, train as hard as I would like doing my head in! I feel like if I was just happy being a weekend warrior then really I wouldn't need coaching as I would just roll up with what ever training I had under my belt and do the race. But I am also shit scared that if I stop training with a coach then I will stop. And literally as I would become a workaholic (and it seems like my boss would encourage that to happen) Perhaps I would get ahead at work more, but work is not what spins my wheels. Training and being with my friends DOES!
He gave me a hard line speech. Sammi I am not going to wipe your bum for you!
ok then. What I took away from that was.....

Find something you want to aim for and go for it and work hard at it and embrace it 100%. You're either in or you're out. He is dead right, no one is going to write the menu, do the work, choose the goals, wipe my bum. I just need to find something to aim for, a goal that excites me and challenges me and keeps me moving forward.
And then I went home and brewed for a few days. No I wasn't offended by the hard line taken by Coach. It was called for....
Ironman 70.3

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