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1499 Team Bowden.......

Its taken me a bit of work to gather together all of the bits I want to put into this blog. The mission, to find a positive take home from the 2015 (10th Year anniversary) Husky Long Course.
Work has been out of control at the moment. Compounded by the added stress of sitting a job interview and the prep that goes with that. Not sure how that one will pan out. Perhaps a little too relaxed. But anyway, that's another blog. Not as much training as I would like, due to work and lazy Sammi's. But still ticking a long with the occasional run to try out the legs after yet another bout of cranky ITB. But that's another blog also.
Friday prior to race weekend, I was feeling pretty ordinary. Firing on about 90%. Saturday was a slow decline. A sleep in, late get up and then a half hearted attempt at packing saw me leave behind my sports glasses, heart rate monitor strap and hat. What this meant was I had no accurate race data, had to ride in fashion glasses like a nube and I got a sunburnt nose. Lesson: consult the triathlon equipment list - regardless!
As we drove down the coast I felt bloody awful. I wanted to go back to sleep, I wanted to go home. I didn't want to race. I kept questioning whether I was feeling ill or was this just nerves. I was convinced I was coming down with something. I had a headache earlier in the morning and had taken some Panadol and started pumping in the water. We stopped at Maccas and sat in the car eating some fries. I just needed a moment before the craziness started. We arrived at Huskisson and met up with the boys. Suddenly I felt ok and wasn't focusing on the way my body was feeling. Lesson: Listen to my body, but don't give in to it and scrutinise every nuance, stay in the helicopter.
We waited in registration area for hours! The boys registered at 2.30pm and then Rob left and Al and Ness waited in the car. 5.30pm we finally registered Team Bowden. I saw Gaylia in the crowd and watched from a distance through my sunnies. She spotted me and steered away. hmmmm. Lesson: Read the damn information schedule, I could have had an afternoon sleep, relaxed and been happier. Gaylia is not your best friend anymore and she is all about the 'me' now. Let her have it!
We finally headed out for dinner and I chose a roast, hoping for something predictable and familiar for both stomach and soul. It was below average, but enough. I also downed 2 soft drinks and water hoping to stay hydrated. Gaylia was at the restaurant. I had to acknowledge her. It was growing obvious. I waved her over and she stood there talking about herself. She didn't once say hi to The Onion Man or Gaz really. Just talked about her fall and that she was just doing a single loop of the bike and was under instruction not to go hard. Lesson: One more time for the dummies. You have out grown Gaylia and she is pushing you away so hard. Let her go!
I slept ok, but woke in a sickly sweat. Race morning, I was startled out of bed. There was light and there wasn't supposed to be light. Ok, Ness and The Onion Man had left the porch light on. Phew! We still went early anyway as I needed to get the love syrup to Roberto. Driving to the race, I felt dreadful, even walking up the road I could have easily turned around and gone home. We walked along the sand and I spotted the boys and then I was fine. I watched the boys stride into the water and the day began. Lesson: Still not convinced whether ill or nervous. But recording this for future reference and comparison.  
I had 2 hours before it was my turn to get wet. But it went very quickly. I watched the boys come out of the swim, then went back and got my bike ready, met the girls in time to watch the boys head out onto their second lap and chatted with the AP Crew. I kind of avoided Coach. Not sure why, but I didn't want him to ask me how I was feeling. I didn't want to say out loud that I felt like crap and wanted to hide under a rock. Gaz and I made it to the team photo. Lesson: Body image is subjective: when I am at Fernwood, I am the fittest, skinniest girl there and feel fantastic, with the AP Crew, I am humongous and have work to do to drop weight and get to race weight without losing strength and power.
Finally, time to get wet. I dipped into the water and finally found something familiar. I rolled the arms over and felt comfortable. Met up with the girls prior to their race start and chatted with Roger for a while before he left too. As I waited for my wave - the last wave of the day, Coach swam up to me and high 5'd. He asked me how I was doing? And only now could I say, I'm ok. Team wave start. I knew there would be some guns in the teams so I decided to hang back and let them go. I chose a line and had a short push and shove for a while before settling in. Each time I found a direct line and was on the near side of the buoy. Sweet but busy. I felt comfortable throughout and didn't go flat out. Just stayed focused and strong. 
I ran/walked up the stairs, those dreaded stairs. But at the top was a familiar pair of faces. Dood and Gaz waiting for me. "Go Smokey" from the crowd and I ran to Dood and hugged and kissed him like a big wet Seal. I later found out that he had gone to the wrong place and drove 125kms an hour to get to race side. I love that man! I raced over to my bike and headed out. Lap 1, I just went with the energy. If I felt good I pushed, worked hard on the flats and descents and sat up and made sure to spin the legs up the hills rather than smash 'em. Heading through town on to lap 2 and Dood was there with Gaz again calling my name. Again the legs were ok. I worked on just Dextro (mostly because I forgot my food, but didn't have a pocket anyway for it). Energy was good. Hit a lip on the bridge and heard a sickly crack from the front of my bike, dropped my spares kit. And Dood was waiting for me at the round-a-bout in Vincentia. He popped up out of the blue, but I wasn't surprised, he does that, and I called out to him, before heading out onto lap 3. Low on everything now, water and Dextro running out mid way. I rolled into transition with screeching brakes, Princess rubbed roar and Gaz all excited to see me, before flying off for his part. Lesson: Vaso for Princess next time. Plan a bento box and something to eat, Snickers and lollies. I can race through any illness or sickly feeling and be ok. I can put it all aside and focus. There is nothing more special to me than family.
Gaz ran well and comfortably. He came round the finish shute and I was waiting for him. We finished together hand in hand and grabbed our medals and towels. Woot woot. 5:20:47
Some stats:

 The AP Crew  SwimT1BikeT2Run
Katie WINKWORTH (592)4:52:0725-29  (5)0:27:300:02:572:31:570:02:101:47:32
Bec LEWIS (562)4:53:1525-29  (6)0:27:490:02:362:39:350:01:231:41:50
Charles WHEATLEY (445)4:57:5040-44  (105)0:31:010:04:532:33:330:01:431:46:38
Debbie HEAP (550)5:02:1650-54  (3)0:27:200:03:042:42:030:01:531:47:54
Kellie RIDGES (788)5:02:3635-39  (9)0:29:010:03:482:38:330:02:051:49:06
Juanita ALLOTT (703)5:05:1535-39  (11)0:28:280:03:512:45:400:02:091:45:05
Robert COULTHARD (267)5:08:4840-44  (128)0:30:180:03:252:32:540:02:291:59:41
Leisa RIDGES (789)5:09:1835-39  (17)0:30:430:03:482:45:580:02:191:46:28
TEAM BOWDEN (1499)5:20:47Teams  (38)0:31:370:01:452:56:100:01:421:49:31
Lauren HARGREAVES (751)5:29:3030-34  (24)0:28:540:03:513:02:070:02:501:51:46
Ellyse TURNER (799)5:30:4830-34  (25)0:29:450:03:172:51:440:02:382:03:22
Robert BENGE (227)5:34:0940-44  (170)0:33:030:03:152:45:540:01:192:10:35
Holly ORCHARD (575)5:40:3025-29  (21)0:32:220:02:363:07:190:01:351:56:36
Alan ONIONS (386)5:44:3240-44  (180)0:25:000:03:052:43:020:01:522:31:31
Leigh SCHOUTEN (1324)6:08:4245-49  (83)0:30:500:03:473:03:080:02:172:28:39
Roger HEAP (1049)6:49:3450-54  (55)0:34:390:03:503:14:370:05:362:50:50

My Age GroupTotalSwimT1BikeT2Run
Narelle TALBOT (583)4:48:290:27:320:02:362:38:560:01:381:37:45
Alanna DAWES (536)4:53:410:30:130:03:172:41:540:01:321:36:43
Debbie HEAP (550)5:02:160:27:200:03:042:42:030:01:531:47:54
Louise HEYWOOD (630)5:12:500:31:430:03:492:33:520:01:482:01:36
Julie MIDDLETON (571)5:18:050:34:150:02:552:41:120:01:381:58:04
TEAM BOWDEN (1499)5:20:470:31:370:01:452:56:100:01:421:49:31
Kate BRIEN (520)5:33:500:39:080:04:332:53:220:03:111:53:34
Neridah LERCHNER (561)5:39:170:32:130:03:073:01:180:02:142:00:24
Jenny SIMPSON (579)5:41:540:33:320:04:502:44:580:02:252:16:07
Liz BATEMAN (516)5:49:350:33:460:05:523:02:500:02:122:04:52
Roslyn WILSON (591)5:57:030:35:370:05:383:10:120:02:442:02:50
Karen DANIELS (533)5:57:410:41:070:04:333:00:580:03:382:07:24
Meagan SOLOMON (580)5:59:210:36:080:04:372:54:310:03:122:20:52
Lynnette WATTS (587)6:00:530:34:090:05:453:13:170:02:232:05:17
Belinda LOCKWOOD (564)6:04:470:40:000:03:343:14:280:03:322:03:11
Julie BARTLETT (514)6:05:200:34:070:03:323:15:510:01:452:10:04
Hilary DINGJAN (539)6:05:220:37:000:05:283:08:390:03:512:10:22
Marjorie VAN ROOYEN (584)6:23:470:34:440:06:163:09:430:04:412:28:20

I would have been 4th in the Swim and 9th fastest on the bike.

Some more comparison stats:

2011 - Swim 38:33/ Bike 2:53:00/ Run 2:00
2012 - Swim 37.23
2013 - Swim 35:22
2014 - ?????
2015 - Swim 31:37/ Bike 2:56:10

Lesson: Bike - perceived effort 2015 vs 2011? a lot easier. I held a strong but consistent sustained effort. I think I would have been fresher heading into the run. Swim - well, I continue to get stronger and faster. Perceived effort 2015 vs 2011 pft! undeniably improved. I could have gone harder in the swim. And now wish I had of, but happy with being within same time as Roberto and Charlie.  

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