Friday, January 2, 2015

If there were no tomorrow, If there were one last chance........

I would not wish for anything, or have any regrets. I have had such a wonderfully special life to date. Sure, like everyone I have had my tough times. I have not gone unscarred. But the scars I wear on the outside and the ones on the inside, have made me who I am today. Paths crisscross and serpentine about each other and the people I have met along the path have all left a small imprint on me. And for that I am grateful.
So, if there were no tomorrow, I would be ok. Content in the knowledge I had lead a full and contented life. Not that I am planning on going anywhere mind. Just being reflective on a year and a life that has been truly special.
This blog often moves between triathlon focus and life and sometimes I stray off topic and add some strangely random stuff. This one is a mixed bag I guess.
My goal this year was 'To Run!' Pretty darned simple. Its been the same goal for a few years now and finally at the eleventh hour, we made it.
as the year drew to a close I sent Coach a text....
" Hey Coach. Before it gets too late and I send an inappropriate drunk text lol. Just wanted to send you  huge thank you for a great year. I was just doing the obligatory reflection on the year and realized we have achieved my goal "To run." pretty simple but hard earnt. Your patience, guidance and support have made all the difference. thank you. Wishing you and Megs and Ava an amazing 2015. Bowden."
"Bowden - My motivation to coach is not the $, it is for developing people that really want to be coached. I couldn't ask for a better athlete than you and only you are probably happier than me that you're up and 'running'! Bring on another great year together mate!"
2 races under my belt this race season so far. Both positive and one seeing me on the podium. Being chicked by my best mate and number one competition 3 x times on the bike during the last race has slapped me on the nose. But it has also given me more drive. My training, consistency and efforts at the gym and on the program have been paying off. Let's keep that rolling.
Blackbutt, a special place, of childhood memories and ponies

I am enjoying running again and I have been mixing it up a lot between running with Coach, lone forest runs and group runs with Roberto and Co. Finally the run fitness is coming back.
The bike has been steadily improving too. A few bloody hard rides with the big guys has lifted me back and probably higher than ever before. Three big rides spring to mind.
1 - The Plasma, The Onion Man, Roberto, Big Gazza and I out to Sandon Point with Chris powering me along but holding a nice solid pace.
2 - Riding with the KTC group ride again to Thirroul. Hanging off the back and smashing hills.
KTC group ride

3 - Riding with The Plasma, Gazza, Roberto, Charlie, Ben and The Onion Man all the way to the Seacliff Bridge ending with 100km in the bag and an avg speed of 28.2 whoaaaaa!
The stats don't lie

I am proud to say that I swam through winter. The run from pool to change room wasn't that bad and I am sure I will face this winter with a little less trepidation thanks to the work I put in this year. Slowly but surely my swim is improving. Placing 2nd in my last swim in my age group and 13 overall in gender gave me a pretty warm feeling inside.
Best of all was having The Kid come out for a swim at the river and join my tri family. Sparky manned the kayak and Big Gazza matched the pace and we swam down the river with occasional stops to check direction and distance. She did so well, I was proud and excited to be showing her what I do and have her be a part of my triathlon world for a short while. A magic day!
Special Kids and special moments

Plenty of family times this year. My wonderful trip to America with Gazza and the girls. Having Wishy and Wishtin home for a trip to Jervis Bay sailing, time with Lil and Sal in between trips to China, and thanks to work and having an office in Nowra, plenty of visits with Moom and Dood.

Christmas saw Bern and Woond come home and we spent a wet, but fun day doing what we Boland's do so well. Having crazy, frantic moments. And, what has now become our traditional outpouring of love as we sent our thoughts and love to missing family members and wished they were with us, but thanks to Skype, we managed to close the gap just a little.
Christmas 2014

New Years Eve rolled around and the back deck was transformed into a party zone, with everything within arms reach, drinks, tv, music, dogs. Lots of lovely time spent with the girls made it even more special. I managed to stay up til 12, though I needed a nap between 10 and 11 to get me there.  
Spa time

One of the last rides of the year with Big Gazza on a stunning morning, rolling around the place that I love so much and that holds so many memories. And I say goodbye to 2014.

Always rolling forward

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