Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to Business.........

Our return to Aus was a long haul, but I managed to sleep for the most of it by making sure we had a long day of sun and walking, followed by an on-board movie, dinner and chased down by a travel calm/1/2 a beer. The 1/2 beer so I wouldn't have to go to the toilet. Nothing like a purposeful dehydration strategy. I pulled the blanket up over my head, had the ear plugs in and the neck pillow, found a relatively comfortable position and woke up 2 hours short of Sydney. Awesome!

Another long day, determined to stay awake til bedtime in an attempt to get back into the right body clock and we were right. Sunday morning we were up, dressed in the AP.10 kit and heading down to the ITC club triathlon. Not to compete but to dominate the club in the Black, White and Red.

Photo opportunity.

The Walking Blimp

So there I am, 3rd adult from the left. I can hardly fit into my shorts! I feel bloated and fat and my legs rub and I am packing so much American over indulgence food into my pockets and everywhere else. Ok, I am standing next to Mel who is a much smaller elite level runner. But on the other side of me is Michelle and she is older than me and owns her very own 6 pack.

Monday was clearly time to get motivated and start a program. I had done some research in America, lazing by the pool and decided to give Jackie Warner's diet/program a go. That was 10 days ago.

I am very happy to say that I am below pre-America trip weight. In fact I am sitting at 62.9kgs. I was 65.8kgs when I got back from America, so a delighted Sammi. The next 10 days is increasing in calories slightly to 1200. After being on 900 calories for the last 10 days it didn't feel to bad. I wasn't hungry really. But the energy was gone. My rides and runs have been sluggish and I needed a lot of effort to get going. There is no power. But that's ok for a little while.

So the next 10 ten days I hope to continue the loss. It may slow down now as I get close to that elusive 60kgs. In fact, quietly (between you and me) I want to go below the 60 and stay there. Judy at work looks amazing and she is an ultra runner who told me she is at 53kgs. She is the same height, build, age etc so it is possible to get there and still perform. The end figure though is a side note to the real aim of getting fitter, stronger, faster and obviously carrying excess baggage is just wasted energy. I have also been 'clean eating' for the 10 days and have not missed the sugar, chocolate, lollies, chips etc and pancakes and the super sized meals of America and before America. Gaz keeps making me huge meals, but at least they are healthy. There was only 4 breaks in the diet, a banana Friday night as I was hungry and I knew I had a ride the next day, the endura energy drink I needed to take on the ride with me and the Paleo friande I had after the ride and a protein ball I got from Dan, which I didn't want to say no to.

In an effort to change things up a bit, I have also joined my old gym, Fernwood again. I want to go back and do a few classes such as Pump and Combat and Body Balance etc. I need some core work especially. They have the TRX bands there and no intimidating block heads. A bit more expensive and I am now a member of two gyms which is dumb, but at least I have my choices and don't have to stress about going to the gym and running into the meat axe that I had to terminate at work recently!

So looking forward to the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

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