Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everything is imminent............

I am running out of time! We are about to launch off into our next adventure and suddenly what was light years away, is now a matter of days away and of course in true Sammi style, I have given nout towards any thought. hmmm what should I wear? Is it even cold over there. Shheeeesh!

AND, in true Sammi style... has over complicated the whole bloody thing and sent myself into a tiz about it all. But let me explain.

Sooooo, Big Gazza has signed up for this.....

The Grand to Grand Ultra, Grand Canyon Village, Ariz., to Escalante National Staircase, Utah
This race connects two of the most amazing geological wonders of the western U.S.—the Grand Canyon and the Grand Staircase—in a seven-day, six-stage race that covers 170 miles and 19,000 feet of vertical gain across Arizona and Utah desert terrain. With the exception of the 7.6-mile final day, stages range between 26 and 52.7 miles between group campsites. Runners must carry all of their provisions except water while maneuvering over sand dunes, through slot canyons and over rocky, dusty and sun-seared terrain. But the scenery is amazing every step of the way. The third edition of the race will held in mid-September. Info: Photo: Courtesy of Grand to Grand Ultra

Want to see what your made of? Test your mettle in one of these crazy-hard races!
Yup, this race ranks at #3 as the hardest race. So he signs up a year ago or more and has been training for 2 years. He is now within 2 weeks of heading off over seas. The plan is for the Bowsons (kid and partner) and I to head over after him and do the road trip from L.A to San Fran, Yosemite and then catch him when he comes out of the desert in Las Vegas. I have done all the booking and accommodation etc. But in the meantime the bank account and credit card has been taking an absolute pounding.
Insert, let's just complicate this more and buy this little guy.....
Hello Mumma!
No name as yet. And yes that's Scooby out there on the road being all pouty bum faced about the new kid on the block. Of course getting behind the wheel meant yet another hit to the hip pocket. Then!!!! The dog goes and blows not one but two ACL knee joints so can't walk now. Possible operation pending. We also have Big Gazza in melt down mode as his hips play havoc with all of the running he has been doing. Insert MRI cost. But wait let's make that 2 x $250 as I have an MRI on the foot too.
But not just financial stresses pre holiday Noooooo....Sammi needs to add other outside stresses to. What ever happened to 'I'm going to un-complicate my life".....
Along came a Spider and sat down beside her...
Someone is coming close. I keep pushing away but she is somewhat insistent. She has discovered my Achilles heel and filled a drawer literally with 20 Boost bars. Not only is this not fair, it's down right dangerous for me. She who has absolutely no will power. We had drinks last night, and I have an overwhelming feeling that I am a fly and she, a Black Widow Spider playing with me. I am not keen to go back to that life again and so I will not play the game this time. It all feels so Deja Vu and not healthy. I wont put Gazza and I through that all again. So, I slam my sensible hat back on my head and will close my eyes.
Oh, yeah, Triathlon...after all this is supposed to be about the journey, this blog'o mine. Insert high pitched arghhhhhhhh! I have done the cals, only 4 more long rides left before my first race when you take out no training over the holiday of 3+ weeks.... I'm in trouble.
Quick recap. Injuries are preventing me from going hard at this point. I can ride, so that is the good and positive stuff. Running is tricky as my foot still hurts occasionally and swimming is ok, but doing any hard swims or with paddles is upsetting the shoulder. I have a twang somewhere deep and it is right where I need to hold my arm for swimming position and it is obviously weak as Coach says my arm drifts out when I get tired. I felt like a lump of lead in the pool this week. But, the water is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and Spring has arrived.
Me in Blue 5th from the left
Perhaps 3 weeks off will be good for the body overall, just a little worried about the eating while in the US and staying clean. Always tricky when you are on the road.
Time to go to work and attempt to empty an in-tray. Wish me luck :)

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