Sunday, April 27, 2014

Trials and Tribulations.............

As she sweats and turns circles to nowhere her mind wonders to the thought of the day..... To Power Meter or not to Power Meter? That is the question.

After my windtrainer decided to pack it in finally, but not til we were right in the middle of a trainer session with the Crew did it decide that enough was enough and give up the game. I was left to ride with one hand on the brake to try and get some resistance happening. I am left with a decision to make now about replacing it. 

Option 1, use Big Gazza's windtrainer and never do a session together - I guess with him running now most of the time and only doing a 20min spin occasionally, it is definitely the cheapest option.

Option 2, buy a decent windtrainer replacement for around $350 - a lot of the Crew are using this little green machine and recommend it

Option 3, buy a bloody good windtrainer replacement, including iphone ant+ sync up and power meter incorporated in to it - Coach uses this one. Expensive, but the Ducks Nuts!

Option 4, buy a Power Meter and use Gazza's windtrainer - that way I can have the Power Meter out on the road and during races also.

These little guys cost around the same as the Wahoo wind trainer. Pretty pricey, but possibly the next step in my training. This leads me to my next this way over the top? After all, a self proclaimed, average 'Raggy Doll' age grouper like me, does she really need this level of equipment.

After a ride with my 2 Compadres, The Onion Man and Slippery, round the lake yesterday and doing some pretty good time trial efforts and working some hills, I think I am ready to go to the next level. Certainly Coach said he would be able to use it in my training. 

Also, another consideration. One of the girls that I only just manage to keep off my tail during racing (at my current status) has just bought herself a brand new Specialized time trial bike. She has been pushing an entry level bike at speed round the race course for a few years. In order to stay a step ahead now she has a lighter, faster bike, is to push the training to the next level. Especially now that we are competing same age group, same distance. Problem is I am at the older end of the age group and she is at the other end. 

I need everything at my disposal to reach my goals. Ha, I can justify anything.

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