Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Missed Races........

It's like this, take 5 x $20 notes, screw each one up into a small ball, make a little pile of them. Now take a lighter, roll the flint til the flame catches and now hold the lighter to the crumpled up pieces of paper and watch the flames splutter and catch hold. See the black smoke rise and within seconds it's all over and all that remains is a smoldering little heap of blackness.

That's pretty much what I did on the weekend. My entry fee to the Wollongong Triathlon went poof, up in smoke and I sat on the lounge feeling like a small smoldering heap of blackness. Ooooooooow the Sammi was not a happy little bear. Cranky at myself for not toeing the start line with the rest of the Crew. Yeah, I had been sick since the Wednesday before and I know I am not supposed to be hard on myself. Could I have dragged myself to the start line and done the race, probably. But the smart lab rat knows that I wasn't there, in my heart, head and body, this race wasn't going to happen. 

On an upside, I am on the road to recovery, still feeling flat and drained, but getting there. Did a walk last night, slept in this morning and an easy 30min spin planned for this afternoon should see me moving forward once more. Next race....Port Stephens, 8 weeks away. Something to keep my focus.

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