Friday, November 22, 2013

Let the world stop spinning........

I can't believe it has been 2 months since I last hit the keyboard. Lots has happened. We stepped out of routine fuelled life for 4 weeks and celebrated our 20 year anniversary in Hawaii and Canada. So many spectacular places in the world. With satisfaction I can say that we sucked every memory, every possible experience out of this trip and relished in the flavours. From go to woe it was fast paced, punctuated by moments of pause. Every day presented something new to try, see or do. From renewing our vows to swimming with manta rays, cheering on the worlds best athletes to cheering on my own husband as he completed the 50mile ultra run to climbing a mountain in the snow. Incredible. I am so incredibly lucky. I have my health and the space within my life to do this.

Kona Manta Rays

I relaxed. Prior to the trip, I had a couple of weeks of ARGHHHHH! Possibly because I could taste the holiday the closer it got to me so that the pressure of emptying the in-tray was getting to me. But I had a 'uh oh' moment when riding with Megz and the AP Crew one morning. I just wasn't having fun. I could not find my happy thought. I tried to sing (literally) but no words would come. That's a worry team! I turned for home after 12kms of riding waving to Megz that I needed to go or there would be tears.

A trip to see Coach and a treatment and a chat always good for the body, mind and soul. "I think you need a break Sammi." yeah Coach, I think you may just be right. Gave myself permission to stop, gave myself a day off, ok 4 weeks. Sweet.

Rainbow Lake - 16km hike

Returning home its back to the bump. ok, I can deal with work etc and off we go again. Big Gazza is fired up after being bitten hard by the ultra running bug. Me, I'm struggling a little to get going after gaining some weight (5 KILOS!!!) Don't anyone panic just yet.....too LATE. And I have a case of Vertigo. Yep, I need the world to stop spinning so darn fast please, literally. It's making it very hard to remain in the upright position, in fact laying down in bed and rolling is waking me up from my sleep with the vertigo.
Big Gazza on the 2nd lap

So that's me. caught up. Next challenge on the horizon, get fit (yeah I know you have heard it all before), get back to race weight, Yeah yeah yeah and have fun at Canberra 70.3 with the Onion Man, Slippery and Big Gazza. Not sure who else from the Crew is going.

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